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Kebab and chips

Kebab lovely but unfortunately chips were cold - disappointing as chips usually very good.
placed by June Ramsay on the 22nd April 2019


My order arrived on time. I really enjoyed the food. The best fish & chips in town.
placed by Anonymous on the 20th April 2019

Great food

Fish was beautidul and good chips. Delivered promptly and hot.
placed by June Ramsay on the 11th April 2019

Great fish

Beautiful skate as always, crispy batter and lovely white fish. However, chips let it down as they were cold. Shame because they are usually very nice
placed by June Ramsay on the 13th March 2019

Fish and kebab

Both good, lots of really fresh salad with kebab and the skate was lovely - also great chips.
placed by June Ramsay on the 20th February 2019

Good service

Good service, nice food.
placed by Alan Sherlock on the 7th February 2019


Skate was beautful and well cooked. Nice chips. Order was very early which was a bit of a problem as we were waiting for someone to arrive, but food made up for it.
placed by June Ramsay on the 7th February 2019

Lovely meal

Skate and haddock both beautiful - well cooked and fresh. Lovely chips too. Delivery was very early but that better than late.
placed by June Ramsay on the 7th January 2019

Review of food

Very nice meal as usual. Lovelt fish and chips, kebab good too
placed by June Ramsay on the 18th December 2018

Driver got lost-food cold

Waited an hour & 10 minutes for our food, most of which was stone cold when it eventually arrived.
placed by Kirsten March on the 12th December 2018

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